Thursday, July 31, 2008

....good for them, no?

Where are we now?

June 12th 2008...... me and my friends Crudmop and Fuzzygalore..nearly the middle of nowhere.
It's early in the trip but even now, I can feel myself breathing easier. There is no over rating the beauty of a motorcycle and miles of asphalt going somewhere but nowhere in particular

If not now, when?

I say that a lot these days. Thing is, I really seem to mean it. Oh, this has been such a topsy turvy year, all good and bad and confusing but some things are just simple.
I love to ride. Riding well matters to me and the best way to get better is to go and ride your limits. I've wanted to hit the track for so long and...if not now, when?
So, yesterday, I brought this home. A 600 cc bike for track only duty is just what I need. Well, need is a pretty strong statement but LOL, whatever.
I discovered during a recent trip through California that I am a long way from slaying all of my demons. I am way, way too hard on myself...savage really. Of course, that's no way to fix, say, a hang up about down hill left turns.
In the end, it is just about feeling good in my own skin and riding more confidently and consistently is something I truly want.
I've sat on the sidelines long enough, it's time find out what life is like on the other side of the paddock fence