Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So.... what does an image like this say to you? Problem? Work? Interuption? Yeah, it's probably all of those but it just doesn't feel negative to me.
My trusty Daytona traveled nearly 18,000 miles on the original chain and sprockets. Good times, every mile but in the end, the old chain was looser than.... ok, I'll spare you the uncomfortable analogy. Bottom line, we needed a new chain.
Funny thing about it was how excited the prospect of new parts always makes me. Replacing a chain is grungy work but the idea of a shiny new chain, not to mention finally having an excuse to change sprocket ratios....bliss.

Yup, I am one sick pup. I am sure you could pretty easily sort out the psychology - the underlying cause of the fetish but really, what does it matter?

Seriously, isn't that just dead sexy?

I keep the old girl pretty clean but you just can't get things this clean without taking everything apart. Scrubbing off the years of accumulated chain gack was just theraputic. Bolting on the new bits was.... " insert sexual euphemism here"

Even better is how happy I am with my new 18/44 sprocket combo. This is exactly the ratio the bike should have left the factory with.