Saturday, October 31, 2009

California 09 - The Prologue

I am not one to buy into the notion of serendipity but some times life does give us opportunities if we are just notice them as such. I was lucky enough to see a week off "donated" to the company for cost cutting as just such an occasion. Ever since I'd had the chance to ride in California and Oregon last year, I have been itching to go back. I had business in Seattle during October so taking a slight detour south for the week following seemed almost too easy. I quickly made arrangements for flights ( Thanks, Meredith!) and rented a bike ( Thanks, Cherie and the Dubbelju crew!)
Weeks later, trip departure nearing, I found myself trying to sort routes and destinations...something that became a chore and a distraction from the joy that is a moto-road trip. Even as I was packing for the trip, I was struggling to figure out where I would ride and what things I wanted to see. It was with a certain resignation that I got on the plane to Seattle, knowing I'd have to sort it all out while I was away on business.
It took some time, but I eventually realized that I did not need a firm agenda or even a list of places to visit. This trip was really just about the ride and seeing a few friends, nothing more. Of course, this realization occurred about a day before I boarded a plane from Seattle to San Francisco... Landing in California on a bright, clear Friday, I found myself hit with the reality of six days to ride one of the greatest motorcycle destinations in the US.
My plan amounted to riding for two days with my friend Cherie in the bay area and later in the week, heading south to meet my friend Ed to ride with him for a day, perhaps two. I'd mentioned my desire to see Death Valley to Ed so that amounted to the total extent of my agenda.

My steed for the week.