Sunday, May 17, 2009

Experiences you'll never have...

...without a motorcycle.

It's always fun telling a good story and it seems I never return from a trip on a motorcycle without a few enjoyable vignettes. Like having the second flat tire in one day...motoring into the parking lot at Smoke Hole Caverns, rain threatening to fall any minute...meeting the crew from Hillel's Angels ( a Jewish motorcycling club from New Jersey and a genuinely decent bunch of guys ) and solving your tire plugging problem with the use of a prescription skin ointment.

You try telling a non-motorcyclist a story like that and see if they don't start doubting everything you say, LOL.

I probably answer the 'aren't you scared of getting hurt?' question a thousand times a year but I am sure my reply could never make someone understand. My life is enriched each time I swing a leg over a bike, in big ways sometimes and other times in simple, silly but meaningful ways. This life on two wheels is one I'll not relinquish if I can help it.

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